Fractal number (sequence)

Immerse into the infinity of fractals in the tetrahedron variation.

Fractal is not a number. It has no whole number dimension. Instead, it has an irrational number dimension. Fractals are known for its self-similarity property, in which a small extract of the shape looks the same as the entire shape.

  1. Fractals occur naturally in nature such snowflakes and ferns.
  2. There are many fractal sets found to date, with the prominent types being the Cantor set, Julia set, Koch Curve, Sierpinski Gasket and Mandelbrot set.
  3. Despite fractals having a fractional dimension, computer programs are able to generate 3-dimensional fractals such as The Menger Sponge and The Mandel Bulb.
  4. Fractal patterns are used as a technique in computer image compression.